We are not afraid to share bold processes!
We participate in all stages of game development from the moment of concept and idea to the moment of implementation
The storyline
Budapest Symphony Orchestra
We work in collaboration with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, which creates music for our games.
New Beginnings
The Art of Transformation
Main Theme
Almost a Fairy Tail
Midnight Affair
A piece of our history!
Processes are not a secret, processes are our favorite work!
Created 30+ locations
When creating worlds, we try to surprise ourselves every time. We try to ensure that the user can immerse himself in the atmosphere of the locations and get a feeling of closeness to the world we love.
Developed 20+ characters
We love to create, and when our creativity comes to life in the faces of characters we feel delighted!
If you have any questions or suggestions, we will be happy to process your request!
Our support works 24/7.