Our high professional team of more than 100+ employees is highly focused on quality and ready to face all challenges you meet developing sucessful products
Mobile game development company
We are proud of our Story
Creating of company
Our story began in 2009, when a team of like-minded people started working on small games in different genres and working on different platforms.

During this time, more than 7 successful games have been sold and released: Cursed Fates, The Headless Horseman, Lost Souls. Timeless Fables, Lost Souls. Enchanted Paintings, Lamp of Aladdin, Great Adventures. Lost in Mountains, Ashley Jones. Heart of Egypt.
2009 - 2015
Development of Match-3
At that time, the team was inspired by the “match three” genre and we were looking for solutions to realize our game ideas. That's how the game Genies and Gems came to life in 2015.

The Genies and Gems was sold to publisher Jam City and has earned over $300 million since launch.
2015 - 2017
Fancy Blast
The company employs 50 people, and our teams are still full of creativity, enthusiasm and ambition for their own projects!

We had no time to be bored and the next important event was our first self-published match-3 game Fancy Blast.
2017 - 2020
Hello, Cinderella!
Time passes, the company is growing, ideas are being added and we start a new path in game development with new unique mechanics!

Thus began the story of Cinderella in 2020, and thousands of players around the world immersed themselves in the fairy tale of their childhood.
2020 - 2024
We are still creating
We have grown, we create, there are 100 of us!

Our products are characterized by bright and high-quality graphics, captivating stories and enchanting music, which is created by a talented orchestra from Budapest.
Our plans are grandiose!
Cinderella is a new high-budget game with several types of gameplay.

We will grow and learn together with our staff and players to make each other better every day!

Today we are continuing our journey, creating unique projects and confidently say that many adventures await you with our games - Cinderella Magic Match, Cinderella Solitaire and Cinderella Royal Tiles.
Inner life is never boring
Our memories on videotape!
New Year 2024
1st of January, 2024
New Year 2024
1st of January, 2024